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J&K Out and About

J&K Out and About is an all around street show (blog) of random people doing whatever it is that they do while John, Krazy K, and friends do what they do!

I Won't Complain by Kelontae Gavin

Krazy K promotes a young amazing Gospel Artist

Krazy Filmz Studios

Video Coming


KC from Jodeci vs Auntie Dorris

KC grabs Dorris (Anthony Anderson's Mom) head in the middle of a performance, catching her by surprise.

J & K Out and About with Anthony Anderson and Friends

John and Krazy K hanging out with Anthony Anderson and Friends after comedy show in Atlantic City

Moment of Encouragement By Krazy K (Featuring Smokie Norful)

Krazy K encouraging people to follow their dreams and explains the tools of Denzel Washington. 

J & K Out and About (Philadelphia, PA)

John and Krazy K hanging out ont the the strip with random people on the strip. (South Street & Penn's Landing)

J & K Out and About w/Mike & Dre' (New York, NY)

John Frisby & Krazy K hanging out in New York with friends, having random conversations and catching random content.

J & K Out and About (Happy Birthday Krazy K)

John, Krazy K, Wesley, Tyrone, and Diddy hanging out in Philly and Atlantic City for  Krazy K's Birthday

K & K Out and About (Hollywood, CA)

Krazy K and Lil K hanging out on the streets of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and LA (iHeart Radio~Media Exclusive)

Krazy K Out and About (Kansas City, MO)

Krazy K, Dutch Jackson, and Marcus Mason reunite simply to hang out and catch, but unpredictable things always happen

J & K Out and About (John Frisby~A Work of Art)

Krazy K and John Frisby at a Philadelphia Art Gallery where a picture of John was sold for $1500 by multiple buyers

Krazy K Out at DVN Network w/Dutch Jackson (Dallas, TX)

Krazy K and Dutch Jackson (The Happy Our Pre-Shoot)

Questions of Encouragement (Featuring Tyler Perry)

Krazy K encounters inspiring questions that Tyler Perry has all the answers to make you continue to strive and push forward

Lil K Studio Session  (Filmed By Krazy K)

Keionte' "Lil K" Abron at Studio 300 / Krazy Filmz Studios preparing to shoot "Wait 4 It Kids"

J&K Out and About (Wait 4 It & What's Good Promo Blog)

Krazy K, in the lab talking about how amazing "What's Good?" & "Wait 4 It" is going to be when it comes out!

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