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B i o g r a p h y

Keion "Krazy K" Abron is a member of Pennsylvania Film Industry Association. He is Screen Actors Guide eligible, he's also involved with G.P.F.O. (Greater Philadelphia Film Office)

Krazy"K" has appeared in a number of movies, films, television shows, commercials, and etc. You've seen him in Law & Order, Unforgettable, Limitless, Chex Mix Commercial, Comical Skits, Stage Plays and many more! He is the producer of the hit stage play "LIFELINE", the up coming television show "WHAT'S GOOD?", and the new hit social media show "WAIT 4 IT"! Krazy"K" also is a videographer/editor for the world largest airline "American Airlines"

Krazy"K" also is the C.E.O. of Krazy Management & Media Group / Krazy Filmz Studios being close affiliates with Dutch Vision Network, iHeart Radio's Intellectual Radio, Krazy Filmz as well as Deuce 1 Fifth Entertainment; which we are always looking for talent to be apart of our upcoming projects.


Krazy"K" was born & raised in Chicago, IL., and lived in St. Louis, MO/Boston, MA/New York, NY; however it wasn't until he moved to Philadelphia, PA when he proceeded with his long term dream of acting/production. He was educated in the field of acting in New York City Times Square by the company One Source Talent and his production was studied at the University of YouTube.


Krazy also has very strong adviser to keep him grounded and headed in the right direction, his cousin actor/comedian/producer/writer "Anthony Anderson", actor/director/writer "John Frisby IV", artist/writer/social media personality "Dutch Jackson".


Krazy "K" thanks you all for all your love & support!!!

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