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"Wait 4 It"

is hottest Social Media News with a Twist on the waves right now,,,also check out "Wait 4 It" Kids

WAIT 4 IT was created by a social media personality "Dutch Jackson", it was originally called The Happy Hour, but it was taken over by Keion "Krazy K" Abron and then the name was changed to WAIT 4 IT. Krazy K has put his touches on the project making it ready for television and then pasted this project down to his son Keionte' "Lil K" Abron which he is assisted by VaShon, Valyn, and DJ. Lil K is the host for the show. WAIT 4 IT is guaranteed to make you laugh!

WAIT 4 IT  has a special guest co-host every episode. If you would like to be a special guest on the show contact Krazy K by clicking on the CONTACT tab above. {Must Have A CRAZY camera personality!}

Wait 4 It Kids ~ (Promo 1)

Wait 4 It Kids ~ (Promo2)

Wait 4 It ~ (Promo 1)

Wait 4 It  ~ (Promo 2)

Wait 4 It  &Wait 4 It Kids ~ (Promo)

Wait 4 It


Wait 4 It Kids


Life Line (The Stage Play)

Life Line (The Stage Play) Deuce1Fifth Entertainment & Krazy Management Proudly Presents …. It’s Sensational Hit Stage Play, Life Line a story of Love...Lost…Recovery…& The Ultimate Discovery!

Set in Philadelphia, Life Line is the story of the Taylor family’s roller coaster ride of emotions as they deal with life’s many twist and turns. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get engulfed in the drama, & you’ll definitely leave different than you came in…..
(Created, Written, & Directed by Philadelphia’s own John W. Frisby IV, The Author of the highly acclaimed book entitled ‘Tears of A Ghetto Child’) Produced By Keion "Krazy K" Abron.


"The Marcus Sykes Show"


THE MARCUS SYKES SHOW  was created by Chicago/Maywood Comedian Marcus Sykes. Marcus has 2 other personalities known as Mr. Hate'Em All & Mr. I'm Not Sober.  Marcus Sykes acts out and dramatizes his own jokes turning them into mini skits which are shown below. THE MARCUS SYKES SHOW is also a product of Intellectual Radio/iHeart Radio.

Krazy Filmz Studios  is the official videographer for THE MARCUS SYKES SHOW.


Mr. Hat'em All (Crossing Guard)

Mr. Dutch (Have On Everythang)

Mr. I'm Not Sober (Smoke Too Much)

Mr. I'm Not Sober (Man of the House)

What's Good? (The Sitcom)


WHAT'S GOOD? (THE SITCOM)  was created by three good friends (John Frisby IV, Keion "Krazy K" Abron, and Lamer. This drama/comedy was written by Lamar, directed by John Frisby IV, and produced by Krazy K.

WHAT'S GOOD? was filmed by Krazy Filmz Studios & Duece 1 Fith Ent.

WHAT'S GOOD? has been revised and re-shot for TV/Netflix.

WHAT'S GOOD? (THE SITCOM) is now under network negotiations.

"More Krazy Filmz Studios Skits"

Movie Audition (I Want Out)

Avi's Movie Audition (BMF Audition)

 Kenneth's Movie Audition (BMF Audition)

Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations is a Darvin Milligan Production that was filmed and partially edited by Krazy Filmz Studios.

Phinisherz (The Movie)


Krazy"K" is the Producer of the feature film Phinisherz, written by John Frisby IV. This is a drama you don't want to miss. This movie will have you on the edge of you seat and send you on a spin you won't believe!

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